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Area 51 Love Doll – weird sex toy .

Few days ago i was asked a silly question about humans and aliens having sex… And it made me think … There must be some weird alien sex toy out there … and Here it is .. Don’t judge tho… We all have our deep secret sex fantasies :) Feel free to share what is your fantasies :) I am curious to hear from you guys .

Area 51 Love Doll

Area 51 Love Doll -If you fantasize about doing it with an alien and the idea of three breasts, “kitty-kat” shaped mouth, blue skin, ass-shaped ears and suction cup fingers (!?) is what floats your boat, then we have the perfect companion for you.

Area 51 Love Doll

The inflatable doll market is saturated with all manner of nearly identical, buoyant and boring rubbery women. However, every so often a visionary appears to make a new and exciting love doll, the kind that renews our passion for the loneliest, most pathetic form of self gratification known to man.

Product details

It’s the love doll THEY never wanted you to know about. For years they locked it away and tried to prevent man from enjoying extra-terrestrial pleasure. Now you can experience what humans have fantasised about for decades – incredible sex with an alien.

It has so many enjoyable orifices you’ll be spoilt for choice over which to try next. This green-eyed, purple-skinned blow-up doll is more than just a novelty to haul out on a stag night. She may love a good party, but she is eager to learn first-hand about all of Earth’s orgasmic secrets.

There’s the soft pussy in place of a mouth, then there’s the 3 firm breasts to slide between and grab a hold of, the dual fingerable ears, the tight, firm vagina between the legs and a succulent ass. This alien is fully compliant with Earth’s reproduction techniques and is eager to experience all that Earth’s people have to offer.

The alien’s mouth, ass and vagina are penetrable to a maximum depth of 5 inches, just enough for sensational stimulation. Lube up this blow-up dolls love holes and enjoy or insert a smaller male masturbator for a more flesh-like experience.

Area 51 isn’t the most realistic sex doll on the market if you’re looking for a busty porn star, but if you’re after a climax that’s out of this world, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in this love doll.

Product Dimensions: 14.9 x 9.3 x 2 inches ; 10.1 ounces
Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

Customer reviews

Sherry Newlin:We found it very entertaining. It is funny to just blow up and set around the house (without little kids in the house of course) and scare people in the shower etc.


I was abducted by greys in late 1997. I underwent many experiments, most focusing on my reproductive organs. Since that abduction, normal homoplanetary sex has left me feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. This doll has changed my life. It is so realistic, that at various moments during lovemaking, I can hear a loud 20 kilohertz tone and smell the unmistakable scent of alien paralyzing neurotoxins. The only thing stopping me from giving this 5 stars is the lack of an anal probe.

R. Kosh: Wow! This doll reminded me so much of Ne’Flav Losal. The gray that abducted me in December of 1973, that I simply had to get one. I was overjoyed upon receiving it and finding out that the covering used in this doll feels almost exactly like Ne”Flav Losal’s skin. It brings back so many fond memories of her experiments. Sometimes, it actually seems to make my alien implant vibrate! I haven’t experienced this kind of pleasure since Ne”Flav was captured by those bastards at Area 51–effectively stopping her nocturnal visits. If you want a real treat, pick up one of these babies. But be careful. After experiencing the love of a gray, you may never be satisfied with humans again.

Fun Website Quote:

“Its pussy-shaped mouth, 3 supple breasts, suction cup fingers and ass-shaped ears make it the kinkiest love slave in the galaxy.”

Area 51 Love Doll