Sex Toy World Ranking by Vouchercloud.

Sex Toy World Ranking – Where’s Your Country in the Sex Toy World Rankings?

Apart from a cold climate, Sweden, Denmark, and Greenland also have one other thing in common. And that is  a penchant for sex toys. Taking the top spot with 118 sex toy-related online queries per 1000 internet users is Denmark, followed by Sweden with 115 queries, and Greenland with 108 queries.  While USA and Uk had 104 and 96 queries.


Sex Toy World Rankings – The Results.

Vouchercloud looked at 18 popular sex-toy-search-terms – ranging from the relatively vanilla ‘dildos’ and ‘vibrators’ to your ‘jiggle balls’ and ‘cock rings’ – and translated them into every Google-available language in order to rank every country around by their sex toy searches. The results were pretty interesting.

Danes make 118 yearly searches per 1,000 internet users, while the UK came at fifth with a mere 96 searches. Second comes Sweden (115) and Greenland (108), followed by the US (104) and finally, the UK. Russia is, following closely behind with 87 searches and,  Bulgaria 86.  Italy (84) and Australia (82) rounding off the top 10.

Europe dominates the top positions – as we learned with our original Sex Toy League Table in Europe – with 23 European countries representing in the top 30 overall. African and South American nations lag behind (likely with less of an online industry for sex toy purchases). With areas across Asia also ranking lower than expected.

To weigh the results against each other, Vouchercloud took into consideration how widespread internet activity is in the various countries and how popular Google is as a search engine in these markets.