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Virtual reality experience in Tokyo

Virtual reality experience theme park:

Virtual reality experience in Shibuya  Tokyo.  A virtual reality theme park was open  on December 16, 2016, in Shibuya. Nearly 12 months later, it is attracting 9,000 visitors a month and turning people away at weekends, as crowds clamor to immerse themselves in extreme experiences, distant worlds and fantasy scenarios, using technology most people still can’t afford to have at home.

Visitors to the facility can enjoy a variety of games such as Ghost Attackers VR, a shooting game. Salomon Carpet VR requires players to battle monsters while trying to maintain their balance on a moving carpet. The facility also features competitive games. Like Hacha Mecha Stadium VR, a baseball game that players can enjoy even without knowing the rules of baseball.


Located on the fourth floor of KN Shibuya Building and open from 10 am until 11:45 pm. Tickets to the facility cost ¥3,200 for 70 minutes of unlimited gaming and reservations can be made online as well. There is also a 30-minute plan for just ¥1,500. Children under 13 years old can enter the site only accompanied by a guardian, but they cannot try the attractions.   VR PARK TOKYO offers a unique entertainment space that adopts innovative technology to provide visitors a truly lifelike experience in virtual

Precautions for Use :

This facility shall not be liable for any loss or damage to visitors’ personal effects.
Please refrain from bringing large bags.
For safety, certain usage restrictions and precautions are in place for each attraction. Please ask the staff for details.
This facility shall not be liable for any accidents or trouble in the facility.
Please do not perform actions that require normal sense of balance. Such as driving, machine operation, or movements involving eyes or the body. Until fully recovered your physical condition.
Those who do not follow the precautions or the staff’s instructions, may be asked to leave the site.