UK Age Verification Law

UK Age Verification Law puts domestic pornography industry at risk.

UK Age Verification Law passed as part of the Digital Economy Act. And will require websites hosting pornographic material to verify the ages of visitors from the UK . Or face being blocked by internet service providers. Age verification requirements may harm small businesses and curtail the freedom of expression by allowing multinational pornography giants to monopolise the industry.UK Age Verification Law

Pornhub Will Start Demanding Your Name and Address From April.

April is going to be a fun month for all pornography consumers  across the UK. And that means in about two months time you’ll need to make an account before you can watch stuff on Pornhub.  As well as handing over a bunch of personal information. It’s not Pornhub specifically asking for this information. But rather its parent company MindGeek that also owns similar sites like RedTube, YouPorn.  And a bunch premium porn networks you’re less likely to be spending time on.

The minister for digital, Matt Hancock.  –  “One of the missions of age verification is to harness the freedom of the internet while mitigating its harms.”

Under the new law, it will be insufficient for websites to simply ask visitors if they are over 18. Instead pornography consumers will need to verify their age, most probably by confirming their financial details.

UK Age Verification Law

Jerry Barnett, founder of campaign group Sex & Censorship, said the legislation would “fundamentally change the internet in the UK and possibly globally”. For the first time, he added, the government would have the power to block websites, en-masse, without court orders. “This is a first in a democracy,” he continued. “Although this appears to be just about protecting children from porn, it isn’t. It will block any site that doesn’t comply with strict UK content rules.”