Ralph Carney , saxophonist for Tom Waits dies at 61

Ralph Carney ,saxophonist for Tom Waits, dies in Portland.

Ralph Carney

Ralph Carney (January 23, 1956 – December 16, 2017) was an American singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. While his primary instruments were various saxophones and clarinets..  Carney also collected and played many instruments, often unusual or obscure ones.

Carney got his start as a professional musician as a founding member of the band Tin Huey. He is perhaps best known for his long association with singer Tom Waits, and worked with a vast number of others as a session musician.

His death at 61, after suffering head injuries in a fall at his home, was announced on Twitter by his nephew Patrick Carney, drummer for the Black Keys.

He passed away peacefully surrounded by family at a hospital in Portland.

Mr. Carney is survived by his partner, Megan Hinchliffe; his daughter, Hedda Carney; and his brother, Jim. The news was confirmed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer — Which reported that Carney died as a result of head injuries sustained after falling a flight of stairs at his home in Portland, Oregon — And confirmed by Carney’s brother, James. The sad news was also reported by Carney’s nephew, the Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney, who posted a loving tribute to his late uncle.

“Today my uncle @ralph_carney passed away,” he tweeted. “I hope everybody is lucky enough to have someone as special as Ralph in their lives at some point. He taught me so much… he sat me down at 15 and made me listen to the Shaggs. We all need an uncle like that.”