Pamela Anderson drops BOMBSHELL

Pamela Anderson ‘hints at romance’ with Vladimir Putin.

Pamela Anderson made a huge reveal about her relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin during an interview with Piers Morgan for his ITV show Life Stories. The 50-year-old has opened up about the possibility of having a romantic relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Piers claimed the actress hinted at a romance with Putin during his interview with her while he appeared on Loose Women.

The blonde 90’s megastar met the Russian leader to try to persuade him to ban seal clubbing in Russia and importing products made from the fluffy sea creatures. Putin banned the practice in 2009 shortly after the pair met in Moscow.

The blond bombshell also revealed the nature of her relationship with Russian President Putin.

“I wrote to him and asked him to stop the importation of seal products, because this was 95 percent of the market and that could potentially shut down the Canadian seal hunt, which is one of my big goals, and he did. He made it actually illegal to import seal products into the country,” she said.

When pressed on whether she was romantically involved with Putin at any point, Anderson giggled and played coy.

“He wanted me to come to his inauguration and give him flowers … I didn’t do that,” she said, conceding, “Obviously we have been in the same place together sometimes … I had a great relationship with Russia, yes.”

Pamela Anderson also  reflected on her wild life, from Playboy Mansion orgies to propositions from  Sylvester Stallone.

Anderson, hinted that she was initially terrified during a 1980’s visit to the Playboy Mansion, though she insisted that the late Hugh Hefner was a complete gentleman.  “He was a pioneer. A true gentleman and he was charming. He loved women and he empowered women. He was very forward-thinking and created his own life. Nobody could copy him. It was nothing salacious. I thought it was very innocent.”

I have seen a lot of ­craziness at the Playboy Mansion.”  “He had a lot of women around. There were these big TV screens with crazy things going on with him and the girls and baby oil.”

Anderson also admitted turning down “Rocky” and “Rambo” star Stallone, despite his best efforts.  “He offered me a condo and a Porsche to be his ‘number one girl,’ ” Anderson revealed. “I said, ‘Does that mean there is a ­number two?’ He said, ‘Of course.’” She added, “He is very funny. I did not take the condo or the Porsche. Maybe I should have.”