How much money is in camming?

A career in the world of adult entertainment was always an option in the mind of many ladies. It’s easy to understand why. From our point of view, it would be amazing to earn your living out of sex and pure pleasure. Models and porn stars seem to live a glamorous life, always dressed up in the fanciest clothes and attending the wildest parties. However, that’s not all of it. The most successful adult entertainers could tell you how much work you have to put if you want to make millions. Also, there are no job openings for the position of porn diva. It’s more of a Hollywood dream and just a handful of sexy babes can live it.

Luckily, the future is bright for the girls who want to make it big in the adult world and it’s all thanks to the internet. There’s a new form of adult entertainment and everyone can get involved in it. It’s called camming and you surely heard about it, since our whole website is mostly based on this new trend. Basically, any girl who thinks she has what it takes to be a webcam model can simply be one. All she needs is a webcam, an internet connection, preferable a high speed one, and the power of losing all of her inhibitions. Once she starts streaming her shows, the money will start flowing into her account. But how much money are we talking about and what does it take to make a good living? Well find out in the paragraphs below.

First of all, when I said that anyone could be a webcam model, I really meant anyone. It doesn’t matter if the girl is skinny, curvy or chubby, if her boobs are small or enormous, is she’s white, black, Latina or Asian, as long as she is ready to get naked and make men happy, she will find an audience.

But if anyone can be a webcam model, why some of the models make more money than others. Well, it’s simply because like in any other business, people who work harder and smarter will always get on top. If a girl knows how to exploit her talent and market herself, she will make a small fortune.

From the bottom up we have three main categories of webcam models, each earning accordingly to the time and work invested in themselves and their shows. To be honest, the majority of the models are not earning very much and that’s because they are keeping things way too casual. I am talking about the models who are streaming for $0.99 per minute and who are hosting their shows from the same bed in which they sleep with a standard webcam. Usually, this kind of models are streaming as a part time job, for a bit of extra income. They usually make between $200 and $6.000 per month, if they work three or four hours per day, at least 5 days a week. It’s not much money, but its money after all, and it comes pretty easily if you think about it. They earn it fair and from the comfort of their home.


The second category of models are the ones who are taking things a little bit more serious. For them, camming is a full time job and they try to do it as best as they could. Usually, these girls have streaming schedules, all kinds of toys and outfits, plus a bit of a home studio, with good lighting, a pretty good webcam that can stream HD and a decent microphone. They usually charge two or three bucks per minute, and they are online about 8 hours per day, mostly during the weekends. These girls know when the sites have more visitors, they talk with their audience rather than typing and in the case of the foreign models, the English is at least fluent and in a clean accent. These babes can earn between to $1.500 and $3.000 a month, which depending from where you are it can mean a pretty decent living or a great one, thanks to the exchange rate. These are also the models who are working their way up to success, because they all want to make it to our next category of webcam models.

The last group of hostesses are the top shelf in the world of camming. They are the babes who are making real money. These are models who can work as little as 20 hours per week, maybe even less, and they are making more money in a day than most of us make in a month. Working so little is only possible because they schedule the shows, meaning that the model is not waiting for her guests, but the guests are waiting for the model to come online and start streaming. These shows can be attended by hundreds of men, and besides the price they pay per minute, which is usually up to $4.99, most of them are also tipping the hostess. I’ve personally seen a model being tipped $500 by an Arab dude on camplace, so you can be sure that these chicks are worthy. But the time they are not spending online is certainly spent in the gym, making sure their bodies look drop-dead gorgeous. They also invest a lot on care and beauty products, fashion clothes and luxury sex toys. Also, their shows are streamed from professional studios, using DSLRs as webcams and professional lights. A model from this category can easily make $10,000 in a bad month. Most of them are pulling out close to $100.000 a year, but there are many who can earn up to $250.000 a year and a few camming superstars who can make the million.

As any other business, webcam modelling can be very profitable if you add hard work into the equation and camming is the only part of the adult industry where the performer can be in total control over her earnings. All in all, we can’t really say how much a webcam model does earn, because everything depends on how much she’s willing to earn.

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