Webcam model stats will get new options soon

Webcam model stats are an important tool for all the models and the website owners which they use to get a full picture of their traffic and successful transactions. announced new features which will give webcam studios and their models additional statistical data so that they could manage their accounts and websites more effectively. This is a great step up for everyone that is involved.

The new statistic from will cover everything that has to do anything with their profiles and everything will be done in easy to read graphs so that the performers would know every motivating fact about their work. They will get full insight into how much money they make, the number of clients they have had as well as how much money did a cam watcher spend on any particular model. These are all crucial information that will make every model work on their performance even harder. Now the models will see what type of show brings the most revenue, if her clients like her new show or maybe the one she did last week. Using this knowledge they can work on their fans over social networks getting an even bigger crowd to their hot sexy shows and that means more money.

The creators of these stats have realized that if the model has complete insight into her performance, she could see what brings in the most revenue and continue doing that for a bigger payout for both her and the website she is modeling for. This is good for the enhancement of their personal business and that is what webcam modeling is all about – developing your own personal business from the comfort of your own home.

Webstream has also announced that the models will get a Direct Connect option which will allow them to contact their audience via email easily. They will get a secure and important information section about what their customers where they will learn what they like and dislike. The developers at Webstream wanted to make an easier way for cam performers and studio owners to run their business more effectively using their award-winning platform.  Now the models will be able to add a button to any website that will start a private session with anyone who clicks on it and they will be able to use Call Connect which will give them an option to earn even more cash.

The developers are definitely taking steps that will make this fast growing industry get even more money and performers as well as clients and pretty soon everyone that is a part of it will be much further than previously thought possible.

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