Milan Fashion Week – roll of toilet paper as a bag..

A roll of toilet paper – the bag that amazed everyone at the Milan Fashion Week.

It sometimes happens that fashion shows  are so strange that they leave you speechless. It happened at the Moschino show last week at Milan Fashion Week.  What was so weird about it? Well, for one thing, all the outfits looked like they were made out of garbage. Literally. I mean, there was a whole range of dresses made out of what looked like paper or plastic bags. Designer Jeremy Scott’s latest collection for Moschino at Milan Fashion Week featured a purse that literally looks like a roll of toilet paper on a chain. Although it may not be our first choice for our everyday wardrobe, it certainly had audiences talking –and scratching their heads.
Milan Fashion Week


All the costumes seem to be made of recyclable garbage. A full range of dresses are made from plastic and paper bags. But, for  those familiar with the brand,  know that these outfits or accessories are basically a signature of the fashion house Moschino. Although they appear to be made of paper or plastic, they are made of the finest quality silk or leather treated to mimic the appearance of paper or plastic. It seems something inexpensive and chosen at random. But, in fact, there are expensive and functional things.