ISIS hides messages in online porn videos

ISIS hiding messages in porn is not a new concept at all. This was practiced over a decade ago even before 9/11 when the US government tracked hidden messages from al-Qaeda that used that method for years after the attack. ISIS proves that old tricks die hard so they used what they knew had a good effect. Israel’s spy agency Mossad recently revealed that the terrorist state is using porn and eBay to communicate.

Both sides in this cyber warfare conflicts have very skilled cryptographers. ISIS needs them to encode and encrypt hidden messages in porn videos and items sold on eBay with the technique called steganography. This technique is nothing new and terrorists use porn sites to hide their tracks.

After the 9/11 disaster in New York City, the United States declared war on terrorism and attacked Afghanistan, the home of al-Qaida and its leader Bin Laden. The whole world was informed by a raid on one of Bin Laden’s hideouts carried out by the Navy Seals who found a big stash of porn used to hide messages in. People think that the terrorists moved on and changed their means of communication because they were busted, and they did, partially.

The agents in charge discovered that the terrorists used multiple pathways to get their information to where it’s supposed to go. They used the most famous online store eBay encoding different items on sale there, as well as the Internet message board Reddit. The operatives tracked a lead from Reddit more than once to an al-Qaida hacker who used hexadecimal characters and prime numbers to encode the secrets he wanted. When they were broken they often gave out information about an attack being planned or even an attack that is about to happen.

The relatively recent developments like the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris was organized through encrypted messages from ISIS and the al-Qaida. This was confirmed by Mossad and the MI6 who both stated that there was an increase of traffic coming from the known terrorist territories. This was the moment when agents discovered that ISIS took on the years-old technique of encrypting adult rated videos and pictures to carry out messages.

This cyber warfare is a real game of cat and mouse that tests the very limits of the intelligence agencies and judging from what we’ve seen, it’s going to take a long time to beat the terrorists.

Despite warnings about these techniques, before 9/11 no one took it seriously. The attacks happened right under their noses on American soil. Now that everyone got them seriously the battle for intercepting coded messages goes on so that agents could stop the terrorist’s destructive and murderous plans before they occur.

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