Hot wives get their first hotwifing DVD

Hot amateur wives are going to hit the porn industry really hard. The term hotwifing is a well-known category in porn, where pornstars impose as wives and take their husbands to a sex scene where they make them watch as they fuck horny dude’s they have just met. It seems pretty plausible but we all know that it is all an act. Well, not anymore because Homegrown Video has announced a new release of the first DVD in the series ‘’Hotwives”.

This movie is about REAL amateur wives having sex with other men in front of their husbands with their approval. Cuckolding and hotwifing have become very popular in the past few years and now seeing real wives have fun with other man while their husbands are watching is a fantasy come true for all the parties involved. The point of hotwifing is not to be jealous or ashamed, it is about trust and openness, a husband should be proud of knowing that his wife is wanted by other men, while cuckolding focuses on humiliating the husband with having sex in front of him as punishment.

This type of movie was very difficult to film because the couples tend to keep this kind of thing a personal matter so finding those willing to participate and make everything public.

The movie opens with Jordyn, a housewife who is in an open relationship with her husband for 10 years. He agreed to stay home with the kids as she went on a date with JB Rodeo. When the action started she was a little reluctant and had problems with the size of his big tool but eventually she got through it. When it was over she texted her husband telling him how it was and then she went to a VIP party where she got banged hard again.

Scene number two features Mona, a hot wife in love with her husband Scott, but she also loves to have casual sex with men she meets online. Joe comes by and her husband goes out for a walk. When her lover gave her what she wanted it was time for her husband to have a go now that she was all worked up. This was the first time Joe had sex in front of the camera so you can really see how nervous and excited he was giving this scene a unique and real feel.

There is also a bonus scene but we are not going to give any details, the DVD will be out on May the 15th so get your copy and follow the next, upcoming volumes in the near future. You will see only the hottest and sexiest amateur wives.


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