Babes with Brains: Top 5 Porn Stars Entrepreneurs

The adult industry is expanding, just as it ever did. That’s mainly because sex sells and it sales a lot! However, the money to be made in this field are stretching all across the internet. Porn stars don’t earn as they use to. The phenomenon is caused both by piracy and the inflation of the X rated entertainment. On one hand, anyone who wants to be a porn star can become one, since many studios are choosing to work with newcomers, because of their low price. On the other hand, we have the amateur cam shows, which is a growing business that takes over a tremendous amount of profit from the film producers. Any girl who has a WiFi connection, a computer and a camera can stream herself online.

Because of these phenomenon, the mainstream porn stars had to reinvent themselves, either if it means running their own sites, starting their own film production studios or even write books. With no further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most popular ladies in porn who also have an entrepreneurial spirit. This is

Top 5 Babes with Brains:

Jenna Jameson

On the number one position in our top, we have the ridiculously famous Jenna Jameson. Even if she retired in 2008, during her 15 years as a performer, Jenna is still one of the names people think about when talking about porn stars. Because looks fade away, Jenna made sure to put her popularity to good use, so she wrote a book, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, an autobiography with a formidable success. It was so appreciated that The New York Times featured it on their Best Seller List for 6 weeks in a row.

Her fame also brought her appearances in the mainstream pop culture, including small parts in movies and TV series, characters and voiceovers for videogames and for a brief time, Jenna had her own reality TV show, Jenna’s American Sex Star, aired by Playboy TV as a pay-per-view series. All the revenues she got from the contracts with other entertainment companies were invested in personal business ventures. Together with her husband, Jay Grdina, The Queen of Porn founded ClubJenna, a, adult entertainment company. Besides the highly successful website,, she also produced an adult movie that was sold in more than 100,000 copies in its first year, generating over a million dollars in profits. Jena also intended to buy the famous Penthouse Magazine, but she was outbid by the FriendsFinder Network. Jena’s net worth today is estimated around the staggering amount of $30.000.000.

jenna jameson

Tera Patrick

Tera also had a lot of success in her adult entertainment career, but she used her fame to make some money outside the porn world. After 11 years of performing in adult movies, Terra’s stage name became a brand, which she used it properly. First of all, she launched a line of natural sex enhancement supplements, for both women (Naughty) and for men (Python).
Soon after, she founded Mistress Couture, a line of sexy lingerie and swimwear that sold pretty well at first, but decreased in profit as time flew by since her retirement from porn. Currently, she runs an EBay store and a personal shop where porn collectors can buy signed copies of magazines, DVDs, or photos featuring her, as well as unique collectables such as personal lingerie or outfits she worn for adult galas.
Tera Partik also runs a talent agency, through which she tries to help young models have a fulfilling and safe career in the porn industry. Tera makes some more money with the three designs of Fleshlight sex toys for men, modeled after her vagina, which have an incredible retail value. According to recent estimations, her net worth is a little over $15,000,000.
Tera Patrick

Jesse Jane

This hot blonde bombshell was inspired to pursue a career in the porn industry by the previous babe of our top 5 list. After reading an article about Tera Patrik in an adult magazine, she wanted the life Tera had and she wanted it bed. Because Jesse, on her real name Cindy Taylor, was a go-getter type of girl, she made contact directly with the Digital Playground production company, which decided to give her a chance that turned out to be the only thing Jesse needed.

Some 110 movies later and countless features in adult magazines, Jesse decided to venture in business, and she launched Diosa, a line of tequila that comes in several flavors. Because marketing is one of the most important aspects of every business, Jesse decided to be the image of her own product. However, she lost some market over the fact that Digital Playground was the company that owned her stage name, and she had to advertise with her less known real name. As a performer and later business woman, Jesse managed to pull out an $8,000,000 net worth.

Jesse Jane


Traci Lords

Traci is an inspiration for all young porn stars, who enter the adult industry hoping that they can have a breakthrough and reach the big screen or make a name in the mainstream pop entertainment. Traci Lords, on her real name Nora Louise Kuzma, had a scandalous and illegal debut in the world of porn. Her first performance was in an independent porn movie at the age of 15, a gig she got by using a false ID. As she became of legal age, Traci reentered the world of porn, but she had bigger dreams. She focused a lot on her acting career, taking classes and rehearsing every day. The hard work brought her numerous small roles, but her first success was with the Sci-Fi movie Not of This Earth (1988). Two years later she got a part in Cry-Baby, performing along with the one and only Johnny Depp. After her formidable debut, she was casted in many big productions, such as Blade and more recently, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, written and directed by Kevin Smith. She also pursued a short musical career and even though she didn’t ran any major businesses, the talent of marketing herself was enough to bring Traci a net worth of $7,000,000.
Traci Lords

Kelly Madison

The last babe on our list is Kelly Madison, a blonde actress who discovered that not only she can be in porn, but she can produce it as well. She was the vice president of the sales department for a computer company, before she got into the adult industry. It was there where she met her future husband, Ryan, who was 10 years younger than her. They launched a site together, Kelly as a nude model and Ryan as the guy behind the camera. Because of their chemistry, the business went pretty well, and the site turned into a small studio, which then became a production company, known as 413 Productions. She directed more than 100 movies, and her husband is the male porn star in all of them. Kelly and Ryan are known as the happiest couple in the porn industry, and it’s all because of their professionalism and smart investments.
Kelly Madison


And there you have it, the 5 most successful stories of the adult entertainment, which prove that there’s a lot of money to be made in porn, as long as you are willing to work hard and make smart decisions. There are of course hundreds, maybe thousands of other porn stars who made millions through their career and side businesses. Some honorable mentions are: Asa Akira, Bree Olsen, Maria Takagi or Sasha Grey. Also, some guys manage to put together decent fortune with the help of porn, Lexington Steele, Evan Seinfeld or the richest male porn star Peter North.

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