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Sexy , new cam girl – Alisia Rubleva

Sexy , new cam girl  – Alisia Rubleva

Sexy , new cam girl interview.

We took an interview with one of      models: Sexy , new cam girl  Alisia Rubleva.
She is very happy to see all her fans and satisfy them with her amazingly HOT body, charm and charisma.


Here are some questions we asked this incredible sexy lady…

WebCam News: What’s the best thing about being a webcam model?
AlisiaRubleva: I think the best is that i can express my sexuality freely.
WebCam News: Do you like to sleep naked?
Alisia Rubleva: I love to sleep naked specially in summer . During winter i usual sleep in panties and a tank top.
WebCam News: Which animal are you in bed?
AlisiaRubleva: Hmm i would say a tigress.
WebCam News: What is your secret fetish?
AlisiaRubleva: Even tho this is an interview, at this question i don’t want to give an answer. I want my fans to come and discover this about me. I can say that is very naughty.
WebCam News: Sweet love making or hardcore sex? Why?
AlisiaRubleva: Well, sometimes i enjoy sweet love making if i am in a relationship with that person and there are feelings involved but, mostly i have hardcore sex. Still waiting for the prince charming.
WebCam News: Do you like superheroes? Which one could become your sex partner?
AlisiaRubleva: This is tough one.. i would say Captain America but on a second tough i would chose Dead Pool just because gives me the impression that is wild and naught in bed.

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