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RoseMerlot – Looks pure. Thinks naughty

RoseMerlot – Looks pure. Thinks naughty

RoseMerlot the combination of cute girl next door and sexy desirable woman.

Today we bring you an interview with Livejasmin model RoseMerlot. She loves being watched! Having you to tell her what to do. Rose enjoys getting hot and wet and tease you with her sexy outfits and sexual desires.

Here are some questions we asked this sensual model:

WebCam News:  Where is the most adventurous place you’ve had sex?

RoseMerlot: Most adventurous place where i had sex is on a bench in a park.

WebCam News: Do you like porn and erotic movies? 

RoseMerlot: I like erotic movies more than porn, is just something that makes me horny when i see how a man is seducing a woman. But, i also watch porn when in mood for some hardcore sex.

WebCam News: If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go?

RoseMerlot: Hmm, i would chose some exotic island where i can just lay in the sun all day.

WebCam News: How can a man conquer your heart?

RoseMerlot:  We could talk hours on this topic but as a small hint to the man out there.. He must be romantic, i love getting flowers and chocolates. 

WebCam News:  What is your favorite sex position?

RoseMerlot: My favorite sex position is doggy. ;)

WebCam News: Do you get turned on by massages?

RoseMerlot: Ohh yess, and after a good few minutes of massage.. There must come great sex.

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