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by Irina Kings | Feb 5, 2018

No Sex for a long time? Here is what happens.

No Sex ? Separation, travel, overwork, stress …. There are many reasons why sexual life can suffer. Also, many couples after years of relationship tend…

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No Sex ?

Separation, travel, overwork, stress …. There are many reasons why sexual life can suffer. Also, many couples after years of relationship tend to have less and less sex. And that is affecting their relationship.  Even tho, for ladies, abstinence does have some benefits, overall leak of sex can lead to some health problems.

Here are 6 issues you might face if you do not have sex for a long time.

You tend to be  more nervous.

Sex helps to release endorphins, “happiness hormones”, and oxytocin. In the absence of these for a period longer than two weeks, the body is feeling and thus the feeling of anxiety appears,

Increases the risk of prostate cancer.

Men who do not have sex for a long period should pay more attention to medical checks, as the prostate gland can suffer from abstinence.  According to the American Urology Association…  men who regularly have sex receive additional protection against prostate affections.  And that is  because ejaculation helps to remove harmful substances from the sperm, thus protecting the prostate.

Higher chances to catch a cold .

Less sex, higher chances to get sick more often! This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Pennsylvania University. It was discovered that having  sex regularly strengthens the immune system. Scientists have found that volunteers who had sex once or twice a week had higher levels of IgG than those who had sex less frequently.  Immunoglobulin A is the first line of defense against the viruses that cause cold and flu.

Erectile dysfunction, a major risk.

Use it or you will lose it!  That’s how the situation can be summed up.  If the penis does not fulfill its mission with which it has been “gifted”, it will lose its vigor because it is a muscle and,  like any muscle, it must be trained.  In other words, erectile dysfunction lingers at the door of those who rarely have sex.

More depressed.

Even if you blame long hours of work,  financial worries or other reasons,  it seems that depression can be caused as well by  lack of sex. According to a study published in the Behavior journal.  But not only sex (or, rather, his absence) is guilty of the stressful states of sadness, but the ultimate act of it,  ejaculation ( its lack). According to researchers, some substances in the semen, such as melatonin, serotonin and oxytocin, have the ability to improve women’s mood.

Increases the risk of jealousy and lowers self-esteem.

As sex becomes a “celebration,” an activity celebrated once or twice a year….  You may feel more and more uncertain about the couple’s relationship. So,  “the quarrels, the frustrations, the distrust in itself and the feeling of unattractive and blame could easily take place in your life if you do not have sex with your loved one for a long time,” says Dr. Les Parrot, a psychologist and author of the book “Saving your marriage before it starts”.  Abstinence may also increase the risk of jealousy and fear that the partner might cheat, adds the specialist.