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Masturbation: A Useful Health Trick

As you know, masturbation is a sin in Christianity, and in many other religions or cultures, so no one would think of it as a health trick. Unfunded superstitions say that hair will grow in your palm if you do it and even that you would go blind if you touch yourself. Believe it or not, there are even more ridiculous claims that were meant to stop people from masturbating. In the first half of the last century, a doctor came up with the idea that his special recipe for cornflakes can stop the teenager’s need for masturbation. Needless to say, it didn’t work, but he made some good money out of the cornflakes he sold to Christian families who wanted to stop their young buys from having a good time. The war against self-induced pleasure went so far that people would circumcise their babies, hoping that when they grow older they won’t feel too much pleasure down there and they won’t touch themselves. Cut or uncut, all men needs a bit of privacy, regardless if he is single or in a relationship. Everyone tried to hide it for so long, but it turns out that masturbation is actually good for you. There are many reasons for which you should rub one off every now and then, so let’s discuss them.

Be Happier and Cancer Free

First of all, the simple fact of touching yourself can help you detect cancerous tumors from incipient faze. Even if the awareness month for testicular cancer is not as popular as the one for breast cancer, doesn’t mean the illness is not real. Yes, you can get cancer to your balls, but it’s easily preventable. All you need to do is slide your hand down a couple inches while you are there and check yourself for lumps. Your prostate will thank you for it too. Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of this illness in men and you will decrease the chances of getting it with every ejaculation. Over time, the urogenital tract accumulates toxins and residual substances. Regular ejaculations help keeping the tract clean and healthy, so make sure to do it at least twice a week.

Do You Care About Your Performances?

Of course you do! Every man does. So what if I tell you that masturbation can make you harder and lasting. Ok, maybe youngsters don’t have this problem, but as times goes by, your body starts to pay the tribute and your penis is one of the first things that’s worn off. More specifically, the little muscles at the base of your penis, which are helping it stay straight and keep the blood in to make the erection last. Over the time, those muscles start to lose tension, and masturbation is kind of like a workout exercise for your penis. As a complementary routine for a harder erection, you can also try Kegel exercises.

Masturbation can also be used as a practice for making you last longer. Besides the oldest trick in the book of rubbing one out before a date, you can also practice the art of lasting lovemaking. If it takes you three minutes to reach orgasm, try to last for four next time. You won’t be able to last longer from the first try, but don’t cheat and take it slow. Studies suggest that it’s possible to double and even triple the time you need to achieve climax if you practice it on a regular basis.

Flu Season Is Here? A Quickie Will Keep You Healthy

In today’s world, people start losing their immunity in the face of many illnesses that were totally inoffensive to us before. It happens because of two main reasons. First, our life is too clean and we don’t get in contact with enough harmless pathogens to keep out immune system sharp, which is also why we have all these kinds of allergies. Second, the increase in our antibiotic intake destroys both the bad guys and the good guys in our body, so the battlefield looks a bit deserted.

However, study show that the same hormone that’s responsible for our fight-or-flight response and for the sensation of stress and anxiety, can actually boost our immune system by increasing the production of antibodies. That hormone is called cortisol and produced in balanced levels, it will help you a lot. There are two optimal situations in which cortisol is produced, after we wake up and after we have an orgasm. So, basically waking up and blowing off some steam in the shower can get you ready for an office filled of sneezy coworkers with runny noses and fevers.


Instant Happiness!

But one of the most simple and efficient reasons for which masturbation can be really helpful for you is the fact that it’s one of the most available, natural and efficient way of managing your stress. Basically, it has the power to make you happy. Once you have an orgasm, your brain starts releasing the so called feel-good substances, amongst which the most important are oxytocin and dopamine. These substances are the very one that keep us doing things, because they are the reward system of our organism. If you look at it from a different angle, masturbation is the secret button of our organism that can give you a happiness boost. Since stress and anxiety is present in all of our lives, it’s recommended to make use of this button. This can also help you calm down in big moments and see things clearly. That’s why it’s recommended to jerk one off before you make any big decisions.

So there you have it, the main reasons for which you shouldn’t be ashamed about masturbation, but instead proud, knowing that you do something good for your health and well-being. It’s a natural thing that can be used only for good, so do it whenever you feel like it, because t risk of over dose is incredibly low.



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