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Lisa Sparks what does she hold the world record for ….?

Lisa Sparks is a world record holder for having  sex with the most partners in one day.

Lisa Sparks , an American porn star, achieved one feat probably no woman as ever and will ever accomplish. She had a non-stop sex with 919 men in 24 hours. That means one man every 2 minutes for one WHOLE DAY!

Sparxxx to Sparks!

My name is Lisa Sparks, formally spelled Lisa Sparxxx, Lisa Sparxx, Lisa Sparkxxx. Yes, I’m a porn star or as I like to call myself a “mattress actress”. I’m all natural country girl gone wild. I have a very curvy figure 36EE-32–40 that I keep toned and shapely. I was born October 6, 1977 in Kentucky Upon graduating from college, my husband and I moved to Los Angeles, CA. that is where it all began.

During the first several years of living in the Los Angeles area, my husband expressed to me that he thought I should try adult films. We have always had a open relationship and have always enjoyed “playing” with others. In ‘02, I designed and created along with my husband this site that features me and my sexual appetite.
My husband was 20 and in the Army. He is not a regular type of guy. He loves to share me and of course I don’t mind. Basically the reason why I do porn is the simple fact that my husband and I have turned a hobby of ours into a business that we both enjoy. Sparks has been married since 1995.  – Bio from Official Website

How many sexual partners have you had in a lifetime?

For the majority of people reading this right now, it would be very few. A lot of people only have a mere handful of partners with whom they engage in sexual activity with.  Lisa Sparks set the record of having sex with 919 men in a single day. As part of the annual World Gang Bang Championship. She was competing in a gang bang contest against two other women. One of the women she was competing against was the former world record holder. Who had sex with 759 men in a day. On the day Lisa Sparks won the competition by only 21 men. All women competing on the day can be thankful that Jonah Falcon, the man with the biggest penis wasn’t participating.