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by Irina Kings | Jul 25, 2017

Sex life does not make you happy?

  Healthy lifestyle ! Happy wife… so quit smoking. For a better sex life, quit smoking. There are a lot of medical studies which show…

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  Healthy lifestyle ! Happy wife… so quit smoking.

For a better sex life, quit smoking. There are a lot of medical studies which show that cigarette smoking lead to erectile dysfunction therefor to a bad sex life. Smoking narrows the blood vessels and the smoke clogs up  your arteries. This restricts the flow of blood to your whole body, including penis. And that leads to the unwanted erectile dysfunction.  The nicotine also has an impact on your brain and  that makes it difficult for nerves to transmit the message of pleasure. Quit smoking.Better sex life

Cut down on alcohol. And have a better sex life.

While some say that during the times when were drunk they had one of best sex experiences, it has been proved that alcohol can inhibit your ability to attain an erection or orgasm. Another thing that alcohol  have a big impact on fertility, so if you plan on having kids, consider to cut down on alcohol. Seems like men who drink alcohol regularly are more likely to get  depression, which affects libido.say no to drinking.

Work out for stress release.

Exercise can increase the levels of  oxytocin   and testosterone, which are responsible for feeling of pleasure   hormones. Worrying and stressing can lead to high blood pressure, and that can lead to erectile dysfunctions. Therefore stress less.  One hour on the treadmill, while listening to favorite music  will for sure help with stress release. Work out.

More sleep.

It is important  to have  a good  mental health in order to have a healthy  sex life.  Lack of sleep has been linked to erectile dysfunction and female sexual response, so,  rather than spending nights on front of TV, better get some sleep.  You should get at least seven hours of sleep a night. Not enough sleep can lower your  testosterone levels. Getting enough sleep will increase libido and you will have a better performance in bed.Sleep more.

You are what you eat. Eat healthier.

Lack of vitamins and minerals can cause hormonal imbalance as a result you may have  libido issues. So try to have a diet based on fruits, raw vegetables and good quality proteins that are fund in meat like beef.  First of all, eat less fast food and friend dishes. And you should never skip a healthy breakfast. In addition to that, is good to know that  food with omega-3 fatty acids, is excellent for good sexual health. The preferred sources of omega-3 fatty acids are  found in seafood sources like salmon and sardines.

Check out this tips.

Eat better.

Here a video about some tips on how to start a healthier lifestyle.