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5 ways to get a better response in online dating

Here are the 5 ways to improve your luck with online dating and getting those babes to meet you in person. With the development of the internet and the communications technologies, online dating has become ever more present. The problem with this type of communication is that it’s not personal enough and it is easy to ruin your chances with a girl you’ve met online.

You really have to focus on quality over quantity to get more interest from women online. You have to tickle their imagination with your super cool quotes and messages and you are good to go!

The first thing you need to do is to personalize your messages. You can’t just approach a woman with an old story you always use for the same thing. She’s going to smell your intentions from a mile away. You need to take it slowly, look at her profile to find out something personal about her and then work from there step by step. She needs to feel that you are really listening to her because that is what will make you stand out as a man.

Second! Every living and breathing woman loves to receive compliments to make her feel better about herself so use this to your advantage. Go through the information on her profile and tell her what you like about her. Be specific because of the first rule. For God’s sake do not compliment her great legs or sexy body or anything that is obvious, she gets that all the time. You need to back her up in her lives choices or her taste in whatever.

The third rule would be to write a unique title for the message you’ll send her for the first contact. If you are on a dating site remember that she’s probably getting tons of messages like yours so you need to make it stand out. Avoid writing Hi, or Hey, because these are the phrases men write the most.

The next obstacle is what should you say? It is not easy getting an unknown women interested. You should write something that is not too long or complicated and you cannot look overly interested or too direct. Be playful and funny, Girls love guys with a good sense of humor, but make sure she knows you’re joking.

It all comes down to the moment she writes back. If she does just use the same rules for your next few messages and if she’s still responding you can plan a date in real life.

Your success in online dating will directly depend on how well you followed these steps. Be original, be funny, be yourself and you are sure to conquer any babe you want.

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