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6 myths about women that are true, You wont believe .

It has been scientifically proven: 6 myths about women that are true !

When it comes to women… There are a lot of prejudices that are still perpetuating. Is there a bit of truth in the common idea that women become more emotionally involved in a relationship than men…  Or that they resist drinking better than their partners?  The scientists responded to these questions. So here are 6 myths about women that are true.

1. Women see more colors than men:

It is quite common when a woman and a man fail to agree on a color. Studies say women are superior when it comes to seeing colors. The genes due to which we are able to differentiate between colors are found only in X chromosome, and men have only one. Scientists also have an explanation: They are because women have developed this capacity since ancient times, when they used to harvest the fruit. They learned to distinguish more nuances to avoid the poisoned fruit that could cause death. 6 myths about women

2. Women have smoother smell:

How do women find the foods in the refrigerator that have outstripped the warranty? Studies show that they use a larger part of the brain specifically for this. Researchers believe that this woman’s olfactory capacity is related to evolution and is essential for reproductive behavior, peer selection and relatives recognition. Women needed a fine smell to detect the chemical processes that occur in the body of men who are eager to reproduce. Cats in the body of men.6 myths about women

3. Women talk more than men:

Indeed, it seems that women speak even three times more than men and have a more varied vocabulary. A recent study demonstrates this. After the Foxp2 protein was given to mice, they became more noisy. This protein is found in the body of women in a much higher quantity than in men. In addition, the region in the brain responsible for language is 17% higher in women than in men.6 myths about women

4. Women drive worse than man :

How many times have you not heard men complaining about how bad women are when they’re driving? Well, there is a scientific basis for that. Recent studies show that men are much better with space-oriented and driving than women. Many women lack the sense of direction and have clear difficulties in finding out what is north or south in a location.6 myths about women


5. No woman in this world has equal breasts:

Perfectly true. Breasts are never the same. Always one is bigger than the other. But that must be no drama. It would be boring to be identical breasts, right?6 myths about women

6. Women are victims of prejudices:

Sad but true. A study by the University of Yale has shown that, unfortunately, many companies prefer to abort men, even though women are better prepared. Men usually get higher wages than women with equal skills.6 myths about women