Wedding dresses, Made from… WTF ?

Wedding dresses made out of …. toilet paper.

Wedding dresses are usual something very special for a woman and..   When you hear this   words together… toilet paper and dress, you may think of some Halloween party. Or maybe a game for kids where they wrap each other in toilet paper to look like a mummy.  While surfing around on the internet, i found this amazing dresses.

Wedding dressesA popular contest.

First of all, in U.S.A is a very popular contest for wedding dresses made out of toilet paper and, the big prize is 10.000 $. The participants in this contest can use glue  or tape to created a dress. Take a look at this five amazing dresses . This dresses  look amazing and  it looks pretty comfortable to wear . You may worry that can get ruined easy but a little bit of cake and chocolate on the dress is not a tragedy. If you want something unique for your wedding, maybe consider having one of this incredible dresses.

Wedding dresses Wedding dresses  Wedding dresses  Wedding dresses  Wedding dresses              















I think will make this my new project and try myself to created a dress out of toilet paper. I would wear one for sure and i am sure are so many other woman out there who would dare to wear this at their wedding. Would you wear  a dress like this?

Here is a video about the contest.