Street Style staples: the Biker Jacket

Street style has come to represent a world of its own, with its distinctive trends and culture. Anyway, when we talk about street style, we are actually considering a wide variety of different styles, each with its own influences and looks.

Among the most influential sources in nowadays street style we can certainly find subcultures, which helped to define a new approach to dressing ever since the late 1940’s. Punks were responsible for the appropriation of many items taken from workwear, underground fashion and other subcultures, being the first to wear biker jackets without the need to drive a chopper.

Even though more than 30 years have passed since punk’s golden years, biker jackets can still be spotted in street fashion, where they have taken many different roads, conquering catwalks too.

The jackets worn by real bikers were made of leather, but these days you can find suede or cotton ones too, so don’t be afraid: everyone can find their ideal biker jacket!

If you want to protect yourself on cold Spring days without neglecting style, go on and draw inspiration from this season’s top looks featuring biker jackets.

Basic but cool

leather biker jacket

Biker jackets are quite complex items, and the better they are, the higher the attention to details. This is why even a simple outfit such as white tee + blue jeans + heels can look complete with just a leather jacket.

Biker Princess

Biker jacket



You don’t have to embrace your rude side -at least, not to the fullest- when you’re wearing a biker jacket. Your outfit can still be feminine and refined, as this picture perfectly proves. A high-waisted skirt or an asymmetric dress look perfect with these jackets, as they allow you to play with proportions and texture. If you want to match them with leather shoes and accessories, just be careful to realize when it’s too much.

Let your true colors shine through!

Colorful biker jacket


You like biker jackets but you get easily bored by black leather? There’s no problem at all: luckily enough, we live in an age where people are always trying to do something new and original, like this paneled, primary-colored biker jacket. As you can see in the look pictured above, such an item will become the main one in any outfit, so keep it simple underneath: black, grey and white are fine, as long as they look good with the jacket and don’t distract from it.

Punk meets Pin-Up



This is a delightfully retro-looking outfit, isn’t it? You might wonder what is the secret recipe to wear vintage clothes without looking like you are dressing up, so here’s the perfect formula: mix different styles.

Relying too much on a single era is risky: it takes only a wrong choice to go from fashionista to weird girl who thinks she’s still in the 70’s.

A combination like the one pictured above has all the right elements to guarantee you a striking look, which will not just make you an icon among your fashion-savvy friends, but it will also remind your grandma of the way she used to dress when she was in her twenties.

Classic with a twist

biker jacket flower


As you might have realized by looking at the previous pictures, biker jackets have evolved into real fashion staples. Far from being just black leather pieces, they have been reinterpreted in a lot of different ways. The technology at the disposal of nowadays designers led to wonderful printed jackets such as the one above. This one is particularly interesting as the jacket alone can tell a story: flowers and leather are totally contrasting elements, especially if you connect them respectively to hippies and bikers. Anyway, this print manages to reach an unexpected balance between the two, creating a really inspiring piece.

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