Handbags for Spring 2015

Handbags are probably the most important accessory in womenswear. Other than being useful to carry around everything you need, they are perfect to complete any outfit. New trends are on the rise, while classical bags have been updated in order to adapt to this season. Being late on trends is never a good thing, so read on if you want to be this season’s influencer in handbags!

Large totes

Handbag Spring 2015Fendi Handbag spring 2015
Large totes are the most practical bags ever, as they are big yet comfortable. Neutral and basic tones are really versatile and can be used in outfits ranging from sporty to classy, giving you room for creativity.
Mansur Gavriel‘s black one is a great example of a bag that’s innovative yet minimalist and it will fit perfectly a virtually limitless range of outfits.
If you want something with an elegant appeal, then go for this Fendi bag, a timeless classic in handbags. If you think you’ll get bored of a neutral/basic tone or you just don’t like them, there’s some good news for you: this bag comes in many different colors, so it’s almost impossible not to find the one that satisfies your taste.
You can also choose more complex and structured totes, even though in that case you should pay more attention to finding the perfect color, avoiding multicolored bags which might be cool by themselves, but I assure you they will drive you mad when you’ll search for something to wear them with.

Fringed Shoulder Bags

Handbag YSL for Spring 2015Handbag Proenza Schouler Spring 2015
They are small, yet they can be used as the staple item in your outfit: shoulder bags have often been overlooked by fashion insiders and trendsetters, as they might even be hard to notice in some layered outfits. They became popular among hippies and they have preserved that free, rebelish allure ever since. But everything’s about to change: designers started using them massively some years ago, and now they’re rising to the top of bags heaven. This Spring’s suggested ones are fringed: this way you can give an original twist to your outfits, without the need to buy many eclectic clothes, as the focus of interest in your look can be the bag itself.
Just remember that, in order to balance between complex and simple elements, your outfit shouldn’t be too complex when you’re rocking these bags.
The first one by Saint Laurent has a Seventies feeling to it, while the white one by Proenza Schouler is more of a compromise between vintage and contemporary fashion.
If you want a hint on which color you should choose, go for basic (black and white) or earthy (brown and beige) tones. However, if you want something striking and eye-catching, try brighter colors like red, yellow or electric blue.

Flower Printed Bags

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2015 Handbag
Givenchy Pandora handbag
In Spring the whole nature’s in bloom and flowers start filling lawns and gardens, so why don’t you let your bag bloom too? Now you can, as this season’s trending prints are realistic depictions of flowers and plants, which will give a fresh touch to your Spring style.

The one on the left is Givenchy‘s Pandora, whose iconic shape looks so good with these white and pink flowers. Despite being a printed item, it manages to be rather simple.

If you want something more impressing and daring, then go for the Dolce & Gabbana one, where flowers and polka dots overlap.
As you might have noticed in the two examples above, the secret for the perfect flower printed handbag lies in its color palette: it has to consist of two or three main colors, as more vast color schemes will make it a little bit excessive and hard to combine with your looks.

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