Xotika.TV – Bitcoin Only Adult Videochat Platform

Xotika.TV is a premium adult videochat platform that is powered exclusively by Bitcoin, and a premium sponsor of the AWSummit alongside established names in the industry. All channels on Xotika.TV are always free to watch, and chatting with performers is free. When users visit the page, they can load bitcoins into the service and tip performers right away. There is no need to sign up at all, although registered members can choose a username and will receive preferential treatment. Similarly, performers can get started with their show as soon as they make an account.

xotika-blonde-modelAccording to the founders of Xotika.TV, the increasing convenience of Bitcoin was a core inspiration for the site. Bitcoin can be purchased in a large amount of places worldwide, even in countries where the majority of people are unbanked. Payments with bitcoin are irreversible, which means no chargebacks and 100% real tips. As developers and entrepreneurs strive to make Bitcoin more convenient as time goes by, Xotika.TV expects a large influx of users and performers in the future.
Benefits of Xotika.TV for performers include instant withdrawals of earnings at any time, fully verified tips, a TV-like atmosphere and 100% real viewers. Being able to withdraw earnings instantly, rather than after 2 to 4 weeks, was previously unheard of in this industry.
Performers can create a free premium account and start earning 50% by creating a channel and broadcasting from home immediately. And the longer you stay with Xotika, the more you will earn up to a maximum of 65%.

Xotika.TV is brand new, but already has over 35256 guest visitors, 962 members, and 73.6588 bitcoins tipped since its launch only 4 months ago. For the next 6 months, the service will still be in an open beta process and users will get a chance to help optimize and improve the platform.bitcoin-xotika
Xotika.TV is constantly growing its influence with the ambition of remaining the highest quality Bitcoin-only adult video chat platform in the future.

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