Events Paysite Meetup – London, UK Paysite Meetup – Nov 30 London, UK Paysite Meetup , a one-day exclusive event for paysite professionals, is traveling to London. Vendo will be hosting the event along with co-host and lead paysite partner, Groobybucks, on Thursday, Nov. 30, at the Hoxton Hotel in London. Paysite Meetup

“Paysite Meetup is a unique, paysite focused event. Designed by paysite pros for paysite pros.”


Harriet – SugarCookie.

Mitch – Vendo.

Mickey – Life Selector.

Paysite professionals like you deserve your own thing.

The idea is an experiment. We’ll see if it works. The first one was in Prague. It went well. The next one is in Barcelona. We’ll see how it unfolds from there. It’s a “minimum viable product” to designed to cheaply and efficiently meet our needs as a paysite community. Take a risk. Join us. It’s a day. It’s 50 euros. And it’s in your town or close by. No one had made an event just for paysites….. It’s time we made one for ourselves. You’ll get out of it what you put in…and we hope that’s a lot.