Live Cam Awards-LISBON

Live Cam Awards  2018 – James Bond themed evening.

Live Cam Awards 2018  Presented by  Live Cam Awards  . As a response to the need of improving business relations between individuals and live cam companies, as well as a need for recognition of those outstanding individuals and companies in the Cam Industry, Live Cam Awards were conceived and created. Without all the amazing and hardworking people that comprise the Live Cam Industry..  The growth would have never been possible – Live Cams were and still are the biggest innovation in the Internet’s history, therefore we must show our appreciation for the pioneers and innovators who work in the industry. We have an obligation to  finally  award them the praise that they truly deserve.


December 1st 2017 – January 15th 2018 . Make sure you vote for your favorite.  For the Live Cam Businesswoman of the Year prize we are proudly presenting our favorite, Maria BestStudios.  She is manager at BestStudios and, she also was a speaker at many events in the industry.