CamCon is some kind of development boost that the Live Adult Content industry gets. This event is one of the most important occasions in the world of camming. It’s the first one that brings together all three main elements of the camming business. I am talking about the webmasters and developers, the clients and fans, and of course, the models themselves. Beside the fact that everyone can get together and discuss on how to improve the service for all the parties involved, this is also a great occasion in which the client can see both the front end and the back end of the service he’s buying. This worldwide conference is at its 3rd edition, and it gained enough popularity and trust to be the launching platform for several companies. All major cam sites of the internet will be present. You can read more about the sponsors and partners below.

On a fun note, there is more that CamCon can offer to possible attendees. Besides making connections, CamCon can be a good getaway. The whole thing happens in Miami, Florida. You can stay in one of the two hotels on the South Beach. During the three days of the conference, the attendees will get plenty chances to have a fun time and form connections with people who share similar interests. On top of that, over 100 Cam Chat Models from Florida will be there.

Who is it for?

The big sites in the Live Adult Content industry have held annual conferences in which the models, the affiliates of the sites and the fans of the content could get together. However, there was no big conference where the industry as a whole is the focus of the event, instead of a single site. An event during which all companies can get together and set a course in which the industry should head. A conference where competition doesn’t matter and attendees just want to meet the people that maybe they interact with over the internet in numerous ways. So if you are a webmaster, developer, affiliate partner, cam model or even a simple fan, you should really consider attending the CamCon conference.

Where and When?

The CamCon 2016 is the third edition, and because the first and second edition of this conference got such a good feedback, lots of people are interested in this year’s edition. So much so that the hotel intended for this event is booked. However, there is a second hotel ready for the late bookers. CamCon will take place at The Redbury and SLS hotels from the South Beach, Miami. The fun starts on 31st of Mya and it ends three nights later on 3rd of June.


If you are one of the wheels spinning the industry, then you will get there earlier. The first day of the congress is exclusively for anyone who has a business in the Live Adult Content world. So, on the first day of CamCon there will be no models and no fans around. Just webmasters, programmers and marketers who can get to know each other. After registration and a little get together, the host will held a welcome toast and put everyone up to date with the rest of the conference.

During the next morning, while the fans and models will register, the webmasters and developers can set up business meetings. Besides meeting the models after a lunch with both the girls and their fans, everyone will get to attend seminars and talks in which key players of the adult cam games will share inside knowledge and success stories that will motivate and help you succeed. Of course, the evenings and nights will be reserved for parties. There are two main parties, on June 1st, a Neon Party and the next day a mega party where XBIZ will also be present.

Sponsors and Partners

When I first checked the sponsors and partners list, two of the names stayed on my retina. Both Chatturbate and LiveJasmin will be present, along with ImLive, Cam4, FreeWebcams, Camster, and Vuier. These companies will both present their new services and give advice on how to make it in the industry. When it comes to the number of companies involved in this conference, CamCon is the biggest and most important event of the industry, worldwide.

All these companies are here to offer new alternatives for everyone involved in the business. They will present services dedicated to both models and industry professionals. No matter if we talking about partnership offers, streaming solutions, advertisement platforms or payment processing services, both the models and affiliates of the big sites can find new and more efficient ways of running their online business. The cam sites are also coming with special offers and new way of enjoying live adult content online.

The Best Way to Start Your Summer

Besides the fact that your online adult business could improve and grow after attending this conference, the date chosen for this event is perfect. This will be your quick gateway before the summer vacation or some kind of late spring break. The location is also a good reason for which you should attend CamCon 2016. But I’m sure that many of you will go there just to hang out with the dozens of models who will show up. Also, you should be really looking forward for the after parties. Everybody knows that the porn world really knows how to have a good time, and you’re about to experience the night life of the adult business. So pack your pool shorts and your sun glasses, because you’re going to Miami.

Lexi Skyy
Thursday, 05/12/2016 | 11:30:28 UTC at 11:30:28 Reply

How do you go about getting sponsored for this? Do you have to ask a company like Chaurbate to sponsor you? Or is it basically if they want to then they will come to you?

Webcam News
Friday, 05/13/2016 | 07:59:23 UTC at 07:59:23

Yes :)

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