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Top ten most famous celebrity butts in the world

Which are the top ten most famous celebrity butts in the world is a question that is bothering a lot of people out there. This question deserves an answer and an explanation at that. Because the list of celebrities is so long it was really hard to choose the ten most desired booties but somehow we managed it.

The truth is that some celebrities would never be famous if it wasn’t for their outstanding booties. Would Iggy Azalea really become a famous rapper if it wasn’t for that big booty? Or what about Nicky Minaj, she isn’t much of a singer as she’s a big booty bitch. Would Kim Kardashian have started her empire without that exceptional booty of hers? We will never know the answers to these questions, but we made a list of the 10 best booties instead.

Place number ten goes to Vida Guerra’s ass absolutely deserves to find herself on this list because we’ve all been admiring her amazing ass ever since the year 2002 when she started appearing on front pages of various magazines, and she posed for Playboy in 2006.

Place number nine goes to Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin who is a lingerie and a swimwear model for her entire adult life. She also had a show after her and posed for Playboy.

The eight place goes to Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate Middleton who married Prince William in 2011. She got a lot of attention while walking her sister down the aisle.

Number seven goes to the amazing Scarlett Johansson who is well known for her good looks, but her best part has to be her perfect butt.

The sixth place goes to Iggy Azelea who’s ass helped her rise to fame. She teamed up with Jennifer Lopez on a song appropriately called song: Bootie.

Nicki Minaj takes number five with her trademark bootie that has become the centerpiece of her every music video. She’s got a set of buttocks for admiring.

The 4th place goes to Beyonce who’s ass has been in dozens of videos in the last 10 years and you can never see enough of it.

Third place goes to Kim Kardashian who made a fortune only of her body features. Her ass has become something of a legend. She did a shoot for Paper magazine in 2014 that will stay remembered for years to come.

The 2nd place goes to Shakira who uses her ass shaking in a perfect manner since 2001 when she entered into the mainstream pop charts. Everyone remembers her hips and her ass with only one babe that is better.

The first place has to go to the absolutely amazing Jennifer Lopez who pushed the limit with putting multi-million insurance on her ass in case something happens to it.

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