The mani cam focuses on famous people’s nails

The mani cam is one more invention to get the full coverage of the glamour stars and every little detail about their outfits and looks brought by the same people that pioneered the 360 glam cam that allowed people to see every angle of celebrities outfits. Fans are so obsessed with little details that the mani cam seemed like a good idea to bring their idols even closer to them.

The idea of the mani cam is to put a high resolution camera in a small box where the glamorous stars that are walking the red carpet put their hands and talk a little bit about their nails and jewelry. The box is designed to look like a cute mini red carpet but only for hands, the idea is pretty original and most of the famous girls that walk by have no problems with sharing details about their hands and nails.

This kind of coverage is done at the Emmy Awards, along with the previously mentioned 360 glam cam and it is a fun way to get to know details about your favorite stars. Some people don’t have such a nice opinion of the mani cam because they think that it is just too much, that it is over the top and that no one cares about what kinds of nail polish or shades do famous people have on. This is of course totally not true because if it was, the mani cam wouldn’t exist or have such great responses by both the audience and the famous girls walking down the red carpet.

Girls will always be girls and they always care about the little details and tricks to make themselves look better. Who is better to look up to and ask for advice than famous women who make a living out of their looks? That’s exactly why E! came up with this fun way to talk about nails and hand and jewelry.

Sometimes the mani cam gets turned down by some of the famous babes walking down the red carpet and one of those babes is the beautiful Jennifer Aniston. We all know that she has a great sense of humor, and she showed that with her reaction to the offer of showing of her nails to the mani cam. She refused right away doing a whipping sound and motion what made everyone laugh. She surely didn’t refuse because she had a bad manicure her nails were just perfect, covered in a dark red polish color that looked simply amazing.

The mani cam will surely stick around for the upcoming red carpet events and you will be updated regularly about your favorite star’s nails and favorite polish colors.

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