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Amirah Adara’s anal scene makes people mad

Amirah Adara’s latest anal scene has caused a huge commotion and got much more publicity than it was originally expected. The reason for this is because her latest Brazzers movie she filmed on a vintage railway called the Epping Ongar Railway made a lot of people made because the historical value of the railway.

The local camgirls in Essex, UK had come across the video that was made in their favorite vintage train into a hardcore porn set where Amirah showed her anal skills. They all complained because only days before their children went there for the annual Easter egg hunt.

The main question is who is the parent that found this video and why is he watching porn when he’s got a family and a kid that rides the train his favorite pornstar got anally explored. Well, it doesn’t even matter because he gave her and the entire Brazzers company free advertisement.

The Epping Ongar Railway was first opened in the year 1865. It was run by London Underground from 1949 to the year of its retirement in 1994. Now the railway is run by volunteers that are still in love with the vintage train and railroad. The famous train was a setting for various music videos of famous singers like Boy George, Kim Wilde and Liberty X. Why wouldn’t it be used for an adult movie, right?

The website of the Eppin Ongar Railway says that they will meet any requirements no matter how diverse they are. Well, they probably didn’t think that it would be porn anytime soon but that’s what it was and they gave the permit for filming.

When the local people got pissed because of what happened the business development manager at the Epping Ongar Railway, Dean Walton had to address the public to clear his name. He said that the railway is available for commercial hire to keep the whole story afloat and take care of both the trains and the railway. He stated that the permit to allow the filming of an adult movie was clearly caused by an error of judgement. He also said that no type ever be filmed here. If he was thinking more clearly he would have continued lending the railway for more porn videos and finally pay the volunteers and give them a job.

The party with the best outcome in this entire story has to be Brazzers. They got a unique video being the first and the only production to film an adult porn movie on the railroad. They also got a lot of publicity which is never a bad thing. Amirah Adara and Danny D also deserve our congratulations for making this controversial movie a reality.

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