by Irina Kings | Feb 1, 2018

PetiteMelissa the girl next door you dream of.

PetiteMelissa  can put a smile on your face no matter what. PetiteMelissa is a twenty one year old who’s one of the upcoming names to…

Big Tits

PetiteMelissa  can put a smile on your face no matter what.

PetiteMelissa is a twenty one year old who’s one of the upcoming names to be in the industry. A pretty woman who will instantly make you feel of that girl next door you once had a crush on when you were a young teen. She is someone who will make you think of those times just from the first glance you take at her. And to top that all off you will rarely find someone quite as happy and positive when on camera.

Coming from a poorer part of the country.  And from a fairly strict upbringing she was not the most open minded girl to begin with. But as the old saying goes still waters run deep. So the innocent looking girl next door set out in the world to discover it and discover herself as well. By no means a small feat considering that she didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do and how. Just imagine how confusing it can be for someone at the beginning to be assaulted with a barrage of information and decisions to make is.

Melissa found her home at Best Studios.

Luckily for Melissa she did find her place at Best Studios where she had the opportunity to grow both as a person and model with the help and support of the staff and her colleagues. From that shy girl we were talking about she slowly opened up and started finding out things about her and what she enjoying doing. All that came with a tremendous amount of effort but in the end she has found her place. She now frequently logs in over two hundred and fifty hours of online time monthly. And is always willing to try and push beyond that.

One of the upcoming names to be in the industry

And unlike most cam girls out there she put the extra effort in it to make herself an unmistakable apparition on camera. She started going to the gym to get herself in proper shape, she learned about what she’s supposed to do as far as her appearance is concerned (from a cosmetic and a fashion point of view) and when she considered she got the best out of what she already had she also decided to enhance on that further. Breast enlargement and lip augmentation surgery being the first things she did. Just take a look when she’s online on Jasmin and see just how jaw dropping the results are.

Results and success that enabled her to find a lot about what she would actually like to see in life. One of the first dreams she fulfilled for herself was to visit London. She loves the place and what she saw there.  And loves to talk about it and about all the places she would like to visit. One of her long term goals is to visit at least once most of the biggest capitals in Europe. Just talking about it will light up her whole face in that positively lovely smile that keeps her free chat completely enthralled and makes them want to keep coming back for more.

Witty and clever, she will melt your heart.

With all that came also a period of sexual revolution in her life. Being online and admired by so many men made her realize just how attractive she is to them and the sway she has over them. Empowering things to realize for the shy girl next door.  And it obviously was big part of why she dedicated herself to her job in the way that she did. And while she still is somewhat of a “good” girl for cam work …. Considering that she is a model that uses no toys the success she has is surely a sign of what kind of show she can put on. Witty and clever, she will melt hearts and make blood boil from the first smile to the last wink of her private chat. Not even to mention her passion for dancing,  and the fact that she always is trying to learn new things to improve her repertoire with to seduce with grace and passion worthy of the most professional dancer out there.

So be sure to pay this lovely lady a visit.  And you’ll get to see exactly what all the fuss is about and how her meteoric rise lately is justified. One of the new places where you can see her is..  TXTSend, a message based app that will allow you to communicate with her in a more personal manner.