by Irina Kings | Feb 28, 2018

PerfectLexy, fire and passion.

PerfectLexy – How i became a cam model. The redhead jokes are off the table for now.  I’m perfectly aware that there are a lot…

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PerfectLexy – How i became a cam model.

The redhead jokes are off the table for now.  I’m perfectly aware that there are a lot of them going around.   And no, when you look in my eyes I am not devouring your soul, I am not a ginger demon. My name is Levina, but I also go by the name PerfectLexy on Livejasmin,   and I am 24 years of age. My life was different before I was made aware of the live cam world. I lived in the mountain area of Romania.  Long winters, cool summers, and grew up as a college girl with a passion for psychology.

In the back of my mind I knew I would end up working in the gardens of my family providing the village with food and wine we can sell in summers.  Going to school was more to keep us of the street. While growing up in college I started to understand how people think.  This added a great value to my life, I started to discover more and more about myself.

My wish to become a independent women, with her own practice, my own life….

It became more than just a wish, I accepted slowly that my life is my hands, and I have to work harden then I ever did before. Now I hear you think that this is one of those standard intro’s and we all know how sad it starts and how perfect it ends. But this is not the case with me at all.

During my college years I was in contact with a lot of people from other classes and with foreigners who visited our university. We all talked with the foreigners, we wanted to hear the beautiful stories about democracy and how rich people are and how they can afford anything they want. They even have the support of all commercial banks, obviously a sign of a sophisticated society.

We, specially me, loved the stories. But then on a certain day, I hear things that I could not believe, one of these students who was from America told us about Jasmin.

How this was the biggest portal with Romanian girls on it. I could not believe what I was hearing, there are girls who are making a lot of money and they come from Romania?

He showed me on his mobile device a redish looking website and it was full with pictures, all teasing and nude, some with their breasts covered and some showing their proud girls for the whole world to see. Amazing, I was stunned. I pointed at the screen of his phone and asked him “Do you talk to any one these girls?”

Proudly he logged in, and I seen on his profile he had $112 in credits.  This is way to much for me. What he has on his account is a month salary for him, and while I was trying to catch up on the information, he moved his finger to his favorite model menu, and he showed me a handful of girls whom he speaks with on a weekly bases.

One girl was from Russia. He told me he was talking to her cause he might get married but did not know for sure.  The other girl was from The Netherlands.  Those are dirty and vulgar was his statement, but he was not able to hide his smile.  Then, when he showed me a girl with brown long hair and a super body he started to stumble.  “This is my sweetypie” and he presses the Private button, and probably to impress me or her….  He gave the women a $10 tip. Just like that. He closed the phone and looked at me and said : “This is not for every girl.”  And looked at me somewhat ashamed thinking I might consider him a pervert, but I wanted to know more…. much more…

In the following days my head was filled with thoughts…

Could I do this? Would people even spend money on me? And many of these questions passed my mind, and I lost my focus a little. Before the weekend started I caught myself browsing the area to see if I could find my informative foreigner friend… I needed to speak to him. And while I was asking myself how I would start he was already patting me on the shoulder asking how my day was and if I could bring him to the town library. Opportunity accepted and while I guide him to our written treasures I could not help to ask him “How do people start on that website” and he looked at me, knowing it already he said “I will help you get an account if you want.”

And this is how it all started…

4 Weeks later, my whole living room cleaned up.  Everything dusted, everything shines, the doorbell rings…  My friend will give me an account today and from there everything went incredible fast.  2 hours later I was browsing my own Bio page and trying to figure out what my sizes are. My first worries disappeared like snow for the sun.  After reading the site agreement and the forum with tips and tricks, I was already half naked in front of the mirror trying out my most seductive moves. I was ready for my first show.

That day went by very fast, and without me knowing it was already deep in the night and I was still chatting with a guy from Germany about the divorce he was going through. It was in a private session.  No one else was there and I seriously not even realized he was paying me. I was so caught up in his story and how he trusted me to share this. I felt almost guilty when I browsed to my dashboard to see $283 on my account….  Just talking to a german about his divorce?

My first month went by so fast.  Every day was a new day, I woke up again with vital energy.  There was more to win more to do more to gain.  I understood that my time online was not only in a naked situation..  But, mostly in sexy lingerie and a listening ear. I always comment from a professional point of view. Trying to put my knowledge in practice cause psychology is my hobby as well, specially since I am a cam girl who talks to people.

After I graduated  I was ready to move out of my home town.  With my part time job as a model and the extra side income I was suddenly not that broke anymore. There was always some money in my pocket, and the stress of how to pay for my bills melted away.  My confidence started to grow since my first day online, and I wanted to speak about my job with my friends, but for this I never seen a safe point to start it. I always kept it a secret, but my mother did found out.

My mother has been very supportive of me.  She found me online on a forum, someone was bragging about a great time he had with me and posted a picture of me. My mother was very scared and did not know what this was about.  But, when I explained her how and why I am doing it she gave me a big hug and said “You have the curiosity of your father, thats how you are made”… Ehhh well…. This is information I did not needed to know, but I did understood one thing, my mom is always on my side!

I moved to Bucharest and because I did not updated my account info and the other stuff, I simply forgot, my account was deleted including the members whom are missing me right now. That did hurt the most, losing the contact of my members who missed me already. It was time to be active and take my fate in my own hands. I applied again for an account and was banned from doing so. Probably my fault to not update my info made them ban me. That same afternoon I was reading the advertisements in the news paper. Still a little sad of what happened today…  my eye passes an add from about starting up a career as video cam performer.

My beginning with BestStudios..

After I called them and passed the interview I was assigned to a trainer, and I started a week later as a cam model with some own experience and baptized myself as PerfectLexy. Lexy is the middle name of me, and Perfect is how I want everything to be.

5 years later, I am the proud winner of many social media awards.  I traveled around the world.  And, I gave informative speeches on live cam summits and try to be an example for many girls. My income is staggering high, I have bought my own house, my own car, I did managed to put money aside and I am still active as PerfectLexy on the webcam.

My clients are crazy about me.

Catching me in Free Chat is nearly impossible. As soon I am online I am taken in a private session.  Many guys fight for my attention and it makes me humble and grounded.  I will never walk next to my shoes.  I consider myself as a person who helps you with your thoughts and problems. And, as a bonus I can reward you with my fantastic body and perfect shapes.

My name is PerfectLexy, and I am a webcam model!~

Kisses and Hugs