by Irina Kings | Jan 31, 2018

1YummyGirl The Best Model

1YummyGirl 1YummyGirl . or as most people get to know her Sara, without a doubt , is one of the most recognizable and well liked…

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1YummyGirl . or as most people get to know her Sara, without a doubt , is one of the most recognizable and well liked models in the business. Just a look at her history and achievements is enough to impress even the biggest sceptic. Among the top models on Jasmin for the past three years without fail you get to see her amongst the first when she is online, to that you can add the many accolades she has won over time. Best Model on Y-Not.  Model of the Month on Streamray, and that is without even mentioning that she is by far a favorite at the upcoming LALExpo. Time and time again she has proven herself to be one of the hardest working and most dedicated girls you can ever see behind the camera.

The woman behind the model.

But what makes her tick? What’s the driving force behind her success and acquired fame? First of all, and she does agree if you happen to ask her, Sara is very committed to her job. She takes it very seriously and puts the appropriate amount of effort into it. More than once she has extended her schedule to seven days per week for consecutive weeks. She likes what she does and she is willing to put the necessary time in it to make it worth the while. And in spite of hours that would have most people running she somehow manages to keep a very positive attitude.  No matter the hour or day in which you would like to see her online she always seems to be in a good mood and ready to crack a couple of jokes.

That being said it’s definitely not all that it takes to become a success. A college degree in psychology and the ability to speak multiple languages goes a long way to help her communicate and understand a lot of members of different tastes and interests. Add to that the fact that she genuinely loves roleplaying and exploring all sort of new fantasies and is in no way a stranger to using toys to enhance the experience and you got yourself the perfect kind of model to make people lose their minds over her.

She is even more impressive if you talk to her about her beginnings.

Starting from a small port town with not that many perspectives and making it all the way into the capital and building the very life most people can only dream of from scratch is something that speaks volumes about her ambition and determination. It took a lot of hard effort and she had to navigate a lot of obstacles that life threw at her but she always kept her eyes on the prize and never doubted herself that she can make it and get exactly what she wishes. And as it turns out, she was right.
She does have a couple of guilty pleasures she loves indulging in occasionally to rewards herself for all the hard work she puts in.

Travelling is one of her go-to favorite hobbies; she always has dreamed seeing as much of the world as she could and get to meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. As it happens one of her other big passions is complementary to the first one mentioned…she loves cars! BMWs to be specific. Loves the way they look, loves the way they drive and how she feels behind the wheel of one. And last, but not least, as is befitting a woman of her elegance and tastes Sara has a thing for high heels.  With an impressive collection she always likes to pick out of it and wear something fancy both on and off the camera.

In front of the cam.

Also a very important factor to her success is her looks. Sara is the kind of woman that loves having all eyes on her. And she is gorgeous enough that that’s always the case in no matter what room she walks in. Luscious lips, gorgeous eyes, a pretty face framed by raven dark hair and a body to die for.. All that are  backed up by the knowledge of how to best present these assets. Makes it next to impossible to not admire her when she is online in her room.

Whether she is swaying gently to the sound of soft music or sitting down to answer members.. She always moves with a grace and sensuality that not many women can achieve even with a lot of practice. Seductive and mysterious and with a naughty smile always on her lips she always leaves the impression she is just a step away from dropping her clothes for you and show you the time of your life.

Her attitude and wit also is what puts her a step above most other cam girls.

She knows how to stay positive and cheer any member that seems to be having a bad day.. Be it with a nice joke or naughty thought. And she also understands when people need to be serious and vent and expect from her a heartfelt advice. Being this genuine and empathetic on camera is a pretty rare thing. And it works wonderfully for her . Since her most loyal customers get to know exactly what kind of person she is and why they want to spend so much time with her.
A horny and passionate woman she knows exactly what men want. And she has always been more than happy to make their dreams come true. Doing video chat is something that she loves and wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. She likes making people happy around her. And help them enjoy their lives a little more and there are few better ways to do it.
So be sure to check out Sara when she is online.  And find out just how good of a model she is and how happy she can make you.