Venus Berlin 2017 – The Perfect Gathering For People Within The Adult Industry

Venus Berlin 2017 Event.

Venus Berlin 2017 is actually an adult entertainment fair that has been around ever since 2015. Berlin, Germany can be considered to be the perfect place for an event like this since it is a city brimming with history, as well as nightlife. So, if you have time during the month of October…  Why not attend one of the biggest adult entertainment industry’s events in Europe? Venus will provide you with the opportunity to meet cam girls and popular porn stars.  Also the opportunity to learn about all of the latest developments within the adult industry through its exhibitions and greet and meet events. There are tons of events for you to choose from during this fair. And you will certainly find yourself running from one place to the other trying to catch all of it.


Venus 2017 will feature loads of stars from the adult entertainment industry, including Mia Julia, PussyKat, and Tila Tequila, to name a few. These starlets will be available for autographs, as well as private shows where you will get to see them performing kinky things in real time. Be that as it may, besides the opportunity to meet your favorite starlets, Venus provides you with the perfect platform for networking. With so many events and exhibitions, you will most certainly be able to establish new contacts, learn new things and exchange experiences, as well as practices. It does not matter whether you are a producer, a cameraman or a pornstar since you will be able to gain a lot by attending Venus 2017.

Venus fair – 12th to 15th of October.

Now, Venus will be held from 12th to 15th of October, which does not fall within the holiday season, but if you are able to come to Berlin during that period, you will most certainly not regret it. Venus is a fantastic experience which you simply must go through, especially since it has been growing ever since 2015. In either way, whether you are coming there on business or just to have fun…  Venus can certainly provide whatever you need. With its events and a large number of people from the industry present on it. You see, Venus is highly popular among the adult entertainment industry workers, which in turn means that if you are coming here on business, you will be able to learn from the best.

Venus Berlin 2017

Get your tickets and don’t miss out this event.

Now, tickets to the Venus 2017 are not that expensive. Especially when you take into consideration the amount of things that you get in return for purchasing them. Daily tickets will cost you somewhere in the vicinity of 40€, and, naturally, other packages will get you better deals. And also  numerous VIP opportunities (the latter one is in the case you are willing to dig into your pocket). Still, even the VIP tickets are not that expensive. When it comes to the setting of Venus, Berlin is truly a magnificent city.  If you have never been there you should definitely visit it. Why not combine pleasure with business?


Venus Berlin 2017 is one of those adult industry entertainment events which you should definitely not miss out on. With ample opportunities for networking, exchange of practices, finding potential business partners and meeting your favorite starlets from the industry, Venus stands out when it comes to other adult entertainment industry’s events in numerous ways. So, why not give it a go if you are free around October? Who knows, you just might improve your business while having fun in one of the prettiest cities in Europe. For more information, visit the following website:

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Venus Berlin 2017

Venus Berlin 2017                    Venus Berlin 2017    Venus Berlin 2017

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