Cam girls and their stories about camming.


Cam girlz – the movie.

CAM GIRLZ is a documentary film about cam girls as the title says and also about their lives . Creator of the film is Sean Dunne.Sean Dunne - creator of a movie about cam girls

Is a film about what is camming and also about who are some of the girls.The documentary shows parts of this girls lives and what they think about this job.

Cam girls  are real persons.

As you will see in the movie,all girls have real lives, they all have struggles and hard times therefor the connection is formed is at a more human level than man get with porn .This job has  given them the opportunity to spend more  time with family. Also to go trough collage without having debts. It has given them a financial security, so per total could say,they have a better life

Online therapy.

While some men have no issue expressing themselves there are this other type of men.They find it hard to communicate.Is hard for them to talk to a lady.Is hard to express their sexuality.They found this world of “cam girlz”.And they fir in it.They can talk freely.They can express their sexuality.And all that without being judge.

As some girls say,many men are not in their chat room for sex but for someone to talk to.They end up becoming friends and once can rely on the other.

Some opinions about the film.


Dennis Lang:

Intelligent and also thoughtful. Very well done! Also raises provocative questions about the future of our interpersonal relationships in a digital world. The paradox that the prevalence of social media, and the accessibility of an unlimited community of others has ironically contributed to an increase in reported loneliness as real face-to-face interactions diminish.
Look forward to more work from Mr. Dunne!


Great work!



Consequently,hope u enjoy the movie and feel free to share your opinion about it.

Watch the full movie here.

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