Amber Haze -Qualities that a cam model should have.

Amber Haze is sharing her story with us.

Have you ever wondered….. What kind of qualities a cam model should have? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you’re in the perfect place just in time to find out more about webcam models.

First of all, you need to know that this is a job like any other, and that requires so much more ambition and plenty of qualities and strength to pursue your dreams even if sometimes it’s a bit foggy. The struggle is real, you must conquer your members and always try to be the best version of yourself. It’s hard to become the best in this industry, but with a little luck, great mind, awesome body and personality, you’ll accomplish this goal.

Beginnings are not easy.

Some of you thought that if you are beautiful and a bit sensual, you can easily explore your sexuality and so on, puff! there you go, you can be a performer. Many have tried, none have succeeded.

We are hard working girls who have to be always updated with the latest trends, to keep things interesting in their rooms and to avoid being promoted like a cheap woman. It takes style & elegance. Go big or go home! Surprise your fans so you can keep them coming to you.

Many asked how did I, Amber Haze, the curvy woman with huge breasts found my niche. Well, long story short, it wasn’t all milk and honey from the very beginning. I started as a cam girl almost two years ago and it was hard to cope with all the attention and information that I received.

I know this might sound a bit strange coming from a woman who is appreciated for her big boobs, but having big boobs and a curvaceous body is both a blessing and a curse.

And being blonde didn’t help either. I was immediately stamped with „bimbo”.

Be yourself.

One day, a member told me something that helped me change my style and my approach.

He asked me who I was, what I wanted, what I liked. And he told me „I want to look at you being natural. I will pay for you to be yourself.’

And that guy took me to private for 3 hours in which I was myself: playful, sexy, a porn star, a wife, a kid.

The idea was to discover myself and to get to know all my flaws and my qualities.

From that night, my members loved the image that I created, loved Amber Haze.

I’m irresistible that way.

And that was it… so easy to be: just be yourself.

I made a pact: the main goal was to bond with them, to be different, to focus on my public and so on.

The results were simply amazing and it is needless to say I was overwhelmed. I was finally free to do what makes me happy, the camera loves me and I feel great when I’m in the chat room.

My show.

My show is based on erotic moves, I like to dance and to tease my lovers, to show my curves and make anyone fall for me.

I’m a gorgeous blonde. I love to be sensual and playful.  Tat’s why my members see me as a porn star. I have a huge sex-appeal that can take my members to seventh Heaven, my face and my body exudes eroticism. They see me as a Goddess of the past. I also love to spice things up and I always choose role plays. At the end of the day, you realize that it’s not just about your body and sexual attraction, they want to connect with you and to find some support.

I learned to listen and boy, do they have stuff to tell me.

They are all great, I care about them and they treat me so well, I consider myself a spoiled woman.

By: Amber Haze:


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